First run of New Year

Hi, Leigh here, Nick’s wife. I also went out for an hour’s run on New Year’s Day, first thing in the morning, before getting back to cook dinner for the family get-together.
It was lovely to get out in the fresh air, after the Christmas break with no exercise.  I enjoyed seeing the birds, and jogging past the fields with long views over the countryside, and seeing the sheep that looked up and watched me go past.
As I jogged up the road, I passed our neighbour Paul (he’s always outside!) and he said “Happy New Year”.  Nick went past Paul a few minutes later – Paul said “Leigh’s ahead of you, I thought you were the fit one!” – my street cred has gone up!  Although Paul didn’t know that Nick left the house after me and he caught me up and overtook me a few minutes later!  
It was great to feel the blood circulating, and I came back glowing.


One response to “First run of New Year

  1. Hi,
    Good workout and the result is freshness and good health.
    Keep it up.


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