Back to Work

The New Year at work began with the news that my boss is moving on and I now face the task of training up a new one in the way I work.  I had only just got this one up to speed!  Anyway, how about an update on my training?  Yesterday’s really steady 6 miler was easier than I thought it would be after the festive lay off.  I think there were a couple of reasons for this; firstly, I was trying out one of my Christmas prezzies, a Camelbak waist pack which I will use on my longer runs.  It’s a good bit of kit but I need to make a few small adjustments.  The other distraction was planning the swimming pool boiler cover.  I said in yesterday’s blog that I would expand on the swimming pool fiasco and it is a really long and involved piece of work.  However, the summary is that we had commissioned a company to carry out a “turn key” build of on an Endless pool in our garden in a bespoke built pool house.  After months of lost sleep and much hassle we have had to have what they had thrown up, knocked down and rebuilt.  This involved me doing some of the work to save money but ultimately Leigh and I being out of pocket.  The rebuild is a great job but it has taken longer than expected and in true builder’s style we have had a few hiccups and I am struggling to get all of the pumps, heater and filtration refitted.  But fingers crossed in a couple of weeks I will be training in the pool.

Back to yesterday’s run.  The run went well and afterwards I sat down to a family New Year’s dinner and had one last larger than normal sized meal.  It must of course be considered that I didn’t have any breakfast, just a coffee and tea was a slice (or two) of Panatone but no savoury.  So, all in all not too bad from a day’s calorie intake point of view.

Today the 2nd January I ran with a work colleague at lunch time.  We did a 5 mile run at a moderate pace (total run time 38 mins) and both felt it.  Why did it hurt?  Because it was blowing a gale and running in to the teeth of a strong wind is quite hard.  We both felt good afterwards though.

This evening I need to strip the en-suite toilet as the siphon element is faulty and to get it to flush requires a considerable amount of pumping of the handle, not a good thing when my new hydration plan got me out of bed twice in the early hours and I don’t want to wake the rest of the house.

Tomorrow’s training session is an hour on the bike turbo trainer.  For those not sure what one of these is, you’ll have to read tomorrow’s blog entry.


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