An hour on the Turbo Trainer

Today’s blog entry is being written halfway through the working day as I am unlikely to have time later.  It was still dark when I rose this morning, something which I hate, but at least we are the right side of the solstice now and it can only get better.

At lunchtime today I walked 2 laps of the lake just outside our offices (2 miles in total) with a good friend and colleague (Kevin, you will undoubtedly hear much more about Kevin in future blogs) and we put the world right yet again.  Sure as eggs are eggs and despite all our efforts the world will be back to square one again tomorrow. 

Tonight has me doing an hour on the turbo trainer and then finishing off the preparation of the en-suite toilet.  The loo won’t flush properly and needs new internals which I have yet to buy and fit.  A DIYer’s life is full of joy and plenty of jobs!

The turbo trainer I can only do if I have a distraction so the TV will be in front of me and I try to catch up with world news whilst doing a few miles.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am meeting a work colleague (Nathan) before work and we are doing a steady 60 minute run.  Nathan is relatively new to running having taken it up originally to lose some weight and help with his golf.  He plays off 5 (for those that don’t know that’s very good) but thought that he could improve his competition results when a whole day’s golf was being played if he was less fatigued.  However, he has now been caught by the running bug and is thinking of having some time away from golf to concentrate on his running.  I am finding it useful running with Nathan as I am in the middle of writing a manual on “How to run your first marathon, even if you’ve never run a step in your life” and I am able to help him with my experiences of going through exactly what he is now going through.  He seems to enjoy my company and is getting me up to speed with the wonders of ipod technology and its uses.  I’ll give you an update on today’s turbo session and tomorrow’s run as soon as I can. 

What else is happening in my life?  Well today I got a date out of the pool man for when the new equipment is to be delivered and when he is to come and fit it and get the pool back up and running.  Next Thursday will see if he is true to his word.  Unfortunately I am not around that day as I am away in
Germany with work.  The upside of this is that I will have a few beers in the local breweries with some friends from work.  The down side to all of these trips is that it seriously cuts in to my ability to find time to train as the flights are often early and the days are normally packed with events/meetings/ seminars etc.  Even the beer with friends is considered an essential part of work and it is not looked on very well if it is missed.  Nevertheless I have sussed out the hotel and it has a pool and a gym and failing being able to use either of these I can pound the streets of
Germany (not the first time a Brit has done that! Don’t mention the war).  I’ll have to sign off now as work beckons.


One response to “An hour on the Turbo Trainer

  1. Did an hour on my elliptical trainer at home, whilst reading a fascinating book about the relationship of diet with diseases (The China Study). The physical activity was welcome as I tend to spend hours on end at my desk, so it’s good to get up and get moving. Clocked up about 500 calories – it all helps!

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