Straw coloured urine?

So, first how did yesterday’s turbo session go?  As it happens I decided to do a 45 minute session which was OK.  The bum bones knew about it and the “front parts” definitely felt it, but I expected that as I haven’t ridden for 3 weeks and haven’t been on the turbo for months.  The turbo always has the same effect on my anatomy but it has to be done.  I also downed one and a quarter litres of water whilst on it and that was on top of the half litre on the way home.  The result?  Three trips to the loo through the night!  I must have a bladder the size of a walnut.

Today before work I had a really steady 7 miles run with Nathan and gave my camelbak a second outing.  So I started the day by drinking 1.4 litres of the clear stuff and then slowed through the day only consuming another 750ml but did have several trips to the loo!  During our run, Nathan and I were discussing the “are you hydrated enough” test, check out the colour of your urine and you have an instant gauge as to if you need to drink more (water that is not the hard stuff).  For those that don’t know, it should be clear to straw colour.  Any darker and you need to take in water.

Lunch time had me off to the plumbers to buy the bits to fix my loo and as expected it wasn’t straight forward but the chap in the shop was helpful and gave me all the bits I might need and a few extras and said to go back when I have done the job with the spares and then we can sort the money bit out.  At least this way I won’t have to go back and forwards several times when I discover I have the wrong bits.

On the pool front, there is good and bad news.  The good is that they are now contacting me and maybe even coming a day earlier than expected next week.  However, the real reason for the call was to let me know that it would cost more than they expected as I needed another couple of bits fitted.  I am miffed but just want the thing done and ready to train in and to argue or find someone else isn’t really an option.

I phoned my mum today to arrange a visit this weekend and it is planned around two lots of training and outing to a fun filled family show with some friends at their local village hall.  I need to get to see my mum as she is not very well and I’m not sure how much longer she will be around.  Tomorrow’s (Friday) training session is a hills reps session close to where I work so will be done at lunch time and both Kevin and Nathan are likely to accompany me.  I really enjoy these sessions but at the time they are hard work but in order to improve it is essential to push oneself.  I must also remember though, that rest is as important as effort and without sufficient rest you will go backwards in performance.

Off to fix the loo now and I’ll update you tomorrow on if I am “flushed” with success.


2 responses to “Straw coloured urine?

  1. Hi!

    Wow, what can I say? It’s all very motivating.
    I really need to lose weight and get fit again, so will have to bend your ears for some tips! Although I will have to wait until after I have had the baby in May.
    Keep it up… I am making notes!

    Sarah :0)

  2. I read it all.

    Good plumbers merchant that’ll take parts back….. will he take your Camel-back?

    If Joe Bloggs had a web log what would it be called I wonder?

    My urine is the colour of an itsy-WEEny yellow polka-dot bikinni – what should I do?


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