Bloody technology!

Well here we are again.  After a busy day at work and working in the pool house once I got home until gone 20.00 hours, when I was called in for dinner.  After which, Leigh and I decided to watch two episodes of Torchwood, I find technology against me.  Whilst watching Torchwood a very good friend, Fraser (of Fraser and Sharon [aka The lovely Sharon or TLS]) phoned to ask if we had seen his post on my blog.  Leigh had a look only to find for some reason it hadn’t come through.  So Fraser was going to re-enter it and now, at past bedtime ,we are having a quick look only to find that it still hasn’t come through, but I thought I would do a post for today before retiring upstairs.  Think again!  After several attempts to log-in had failed and I was screaming at the PC in my usual derrogatory manner, Leigh realised she had changed the password and once the new password was entered it all went swimmingly.  Dare I take back the frustration of being foiled by technology?  No, as more often than not it is the PC ,or the web, or the keyboard, or in fact any/all of the damn stuff that is sent to plague me.  But now i’m in, what went on today.

The lunch time run was a steady warm up leading to five, two minute hill intervals and a steady run back to the office.  Nathan joined me on the run out and back and whilst I was doing the intervals he did a lap of the lake.  However, Zac, another work colleague and fellow runner, who I have nagged in to competing in the Austria Ironman triathlon competition in July with me, was back from his family skiing trip and joined me on the hill reps.  We both found it tough and the Christmas excesses and lay off training really is telling.  Still, a good session in the bag and over the weekend there is nothing too strenuos for me.  Saturday is a 90 minute run at a steady pace with Sunday being a 90 to 120 minute bike ride (also steady).  Zac found it highly amusing when I told him I had a blog and that anyone could comment on it and I suspect there will be a few rogue comment s posted by him.  Still, all in fun and that’s what it should all be about.

I also have a few bits to do in the garden and on the pool house but I had a result tonight as I managed to install all of the ceiling lighting ready for the big reinstall next week.  The pool man is coming to connect the gas and electricity and fit the new pump, filter and chlorination unit mid week and so I hope to have the pool up and running within the next two weeks.  Off to bed now for a quick read before I drop off with book in hand and maybe get a bit of a lie in tomorrow.


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