There’s no such thing as a five minute job!

Having done my cycle ride and just before we go out with friends (Fraser and TLS) I thought Id’ quickly put a blog entry on.  No such luck.  Firstly I am on Leigh’s computer which when I worked out how to turn it on via the “hidden” power supply and then the on/off button on the computer I then had to find the cunningly concealed on/off switch for the screen.  However, that decided to tell me that there was no signal.  A trip upstairs to find Leigh and to be told it has its little foibles and sometimes does that and all you have to do is to turn the main power supply off and back on.  I duly did this with success, so now I have a computer.  However, after getting in to my blog I realised that I have to be in the admin log on and don’t know what the address for that is and Leigh’s computer doesn’t display “favourites” in the same way as mine so another trip upstairs.  At last success.  It has got me thinking though, Leigh suggested I start a blog and one of the things I can use it for is to let out my frustrations whilst also sharing my training progress for the marathon and Ironman competitions.  Using a PC seems to give me problems every time and winds me up so that is one of the main causes of frustration which I need to let out (so not doing the blog would get rid of that one), but also every time I use Leigh’s PC I spend a lot of time running around the house finding her to see what I have to do next to get the damn thing working.  So do I give up the blog or do I use it as extra training?  Of course there is no question really as I would like to share my path to the various challenges I face with the world. 

I didn’t get to put an entry on yesterday as we didn’t get back until quite late after going to see my Mum.  Unfortunately she isn’t well and her Parkinsons is really getting hold of her now.  She did seem in good spirit but struggles getting around and tires quickly. 

I had a run before we went to see her a 90 minute steady pace whilst listening to Vernon on radio 1.  The weather was a bit naff, raining and windy but I got 11 miles in and felt OK at the finish.  Today (Sunday 7th Jan) was a steady paced bike ride of just over 90 minutes covering 27 miles.  It didn’t rain but the wind was very strong and made the ride back towards home a bit of an effort.  Tomorrow I will endeavour to swim at the pool local to work and hope that soon our home pool will be up and running.


Off now to meet Fraser and Sharon (F&S) and on to the village hall to see an act called Circus Berzercus (jugging , unicycling and lots more I hope).


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