First swim of the year

Training went well over the weekend and the Circus Berzercus entertainers were a great hoot at the village hall.  Fraser was called out of the audience to take part and was in his element and made the show even more entertaining.  Going back some years Fraser and I worked together and we also decided to learn to juggle and unicycle, so we both purchased a unicycle and thuds and clubs.  We used to practice at work after we finished for the day and did get some strange looks.  I’m sure it didn’t do either of our careers any good at all but we both really enjoyed it.  For anyone reading this that hasn’t tried juggling, do give it a go it’s great for coordination and whilst juggling you have to clear your mind completely so it is also very relaxing.

Sharon cooked a wonderful pea and potato curry which suited Leigh to the ground.  I’ll eat whatever I can get my hands on and love meat and fish, Leigh however, is a strict vegetarian and is more recently trying to cut out dairy and eggs as some of the reading she has been doing shows that any animal sourced proteins can be quite detrimental to one’s health.  As Leigh is the main cook in our house I, by default, follow the same diets except when eating out or when away with work.  Thursday and Friday this week I am in
Germany with work and the Germans love their meat so even if I wanted to eat no meat it would probably be quite difficult.

Today, before work, I went to the public pool close to the office and had a 30 minute steady swim.  My shoulder was niggling yesterday for some reason and I wasn’t sure how it was going to react in the pool.  I could feel it wasn’t quite right but it didn’t give me any major problems.  I was reminded why we invested in a pool at home during my visit, as the temperature of the water is very warm (far too warm in fact).  It makes it nicer to get in to first thing, but as soon as the swimming commences I become really hot and after the session, have trouble drying off as I am far too hot.  Hopefully, if promises are kept, our home pool should be ready this time next week so I can please myself on the temperature.  The new sand filter and chlorination unit was delivered today, we now just need a flange for the boiler to arrive in the post ready for the big re-install on Wednesday/Thursday (hooorah).


One response to “First swim of the year

  1. Nick! I am sitting here in Shanghai, admiring your stamina and envy you for your achievements! I will definitely closely follow your progress and will allow myself to call you a lazy bone if I think you do not train hard enough! I fairly sure it won’t happen anyway. All the best and good luck and try your best to keep up with Zac’s efforts!

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