Dark nights

Yesterday (Tuesday) I was in
Basingstoke for work, with the result that I had to run in the dark when I got home.  I shouldn’t find it hard as I have had to work in the dark for bloomin’ years! 

It’s been a long time since I have run at night.  My early morning runs from work start off in the dark, but we run on lit paths and it gradually becomes daylight.  I was reminded last night that running from home in the village, means only unlit country roads are available and although I wear lights to be visible, when cars are coming towards me, I can’t see where I am running as the headlights are blinding, with the upshot that the odd pothole catches me out.

I remembered most things but it is always wise if running at night to wear lights, both front and back, and plenty of reflective clothing.  Take identification (I do every time I go out training, my faithful dog tags) and possibly a mobile phone.  Of course you should try to stick to paths etc. but if it’s not possible make sure you are prepared for the road.

The session was a warm up of about 1 mile then eight 4 minute intervals at just quicker that race pace with a 1 minute recovery between each interval, followed by a 1 mile cool down.  Going out, on my out and back route, wasn’t too bad but after the turn I realised just how windy it was.  The last effort was particularly hard and I was pleased to get back home.  A shower and then a home made bean casserole made me feel more human again.  I haven’t mentioned it yet but my wife is a vegetarian and a damn fine cook as well.  I’ll eat anything and I especially love meat and fish but we only have veggie at home and that’s fine as I am looked after very well by Leigh.

I woke up this morning only to find the garden flooded.  It’s quite a long tail but the short version is that our garden has a rill (stream) which runs through it.  Over the years people have piped in and covered over in bits and pieces.  Unfortunately, every now and then the leaves from the oak trees block the pipe and the garden floods.  It hasn’t happened for a long time now, in fact since before the swimming pool was built.  I now know (as of this morning) that when the garden floods, the pool house also floods and I will have to resolve that some how.  It was also a panic today as there was a possibility that the pool engineer was going to arrive to fit the new equipment and reinstall the boiler etc.  So, picture me in the garden in the pouring rain trying to clear the blockage before the engineer turns up.  As it happens, once the blockage was cleared the garden drained quickly and the engineer didn’t turn up.  However, he has promised he will be here tomorrow, although the weather doesn’t look good, and I will be away in
Germany.  The best laid plans of mice and men eh!

Today’s training is a 45 minute steady session on the turbo trainer and I have a swim planned in the hotel in Germany on Thursday evening with a longish run on Friday morning with Nathan before we fly back to the UK.  I hope that I can get it all in.

No other news to report but if you read this blog and would like some specific advice/help on running, triathlon, diet and nutrition etc. just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

All for now



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