Is it me or does everyone suffer form trying to resolve things many, many times?  I’ll get to my training later but at the moment I need to get things off my chest.  The pool saga continues.  The chap came Monday and finished the pipe work, which was the only thing left for him to do before he flies off on holiday on Tuesday.  He gave instructions to Leigh to ensure that we didn’t run the pool for 24 hours, giving the glue used to joint the pipes time to set.   After patiently waiting for 24 hours I went to inspect the job to find that as he couldn’t run the pump, no testing had been done, the new filter had not been back-washed, the chlorination unit was full of water with no chlorine and basically, I had quite a bit of work to do. 


First problem, the tool to remove the lid from the chlorination unit was missing.  I got round this by using a set of pipe wrenches (not ideal).  I syphoned the unit in order to fill it with chlorine tablets and that bit was done.  On to backwashing the sand filter and another problem, the backwash hose leaked and put water all over the pump motor.  Not a good idea to mix water and electrical power!  So, I fixed that one and moved on to do the actual the backwash.  Once the pump started I could see that there was a leak from one of the glued pipe joints.  Regardless of the leak I carried out the backwash etc. and tried to start the boiler without success.  I guess that the new gas supply pipe is full of air and needs purging.  The result of all this is that I can’t start the pool up and the installation chap has gone on holiday.  It is also unclear as to when someone will be able to come to sort it out.  I really need to start my swim training and the local pools are not ideal and difficult for me to get to at an appropriate time, and I should be able to use the blooming pool in my back garden! 


Now that the electrics are connected I could check to see if the lighting I installed was working.  The good news is that it all worked fine and I was able to adjust the angle of the down lighters to give a good effect.  However, later on I wanted to show Leigh what they looked like, only to find that one bank of lights has packed up.  It’s a real challenge to get in to the roof void to where the transformers and wiring is situated so I can’t check out the cause yet but it’s likely to be the transformer as it all worked fine before.  I just can’t seem to get anything moving forwards at the moment without going back several steps. And as I titled today’s entry I just want to scream AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!


Training yesterday?  Well it was a rest day.  Today is a turbo session and I should do 60 minutes.  I must admit, at the moment I just want to snuggle up on the settee with a glass of wine and watch some fiction on the TV to escape from it all.  But I reckon I’ll get out to the garage and do the session.  Tomorrow morning I am on for a 70 minute steady pace run before work with Nathan, I hope it’s not raining.


I have just booked the B&B in the Peak District for a training weekend in March.  There are several chaps in
Bedford doing the Austria Ironman and we will try to do some group training.  This March weekend is a planned bike and run session giving us some hills to go at.  Leigh and some other partners/supporters are also coming so we can have a social get together in the evenings as well.


I worked from home today and as well as me having all sorts of issues Leigh is also going through a tough time with her business at the moment.  Again, it often boils down to trying to get other people to do what you are paying them for.  Dealing with solicitors, banks, estate agents and utility companies to name but a few is a nightmare.


On the good news front, my work laptop would not work on broadband at home and one of our IT chaps came to my house and resolved the problem.  That’s great news as I can work from home now with a laptop which works at a reasonable speed.  Thanks go to top man Clive for travelling to my home to resolve the issue.


I am going to sign off now as I need to get on with some other stuff and start working myself up for the turbo session.


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