Calm down!

Having been more than a little stressed over the past few days I must calm down as stress is not good in general but more specifically it’s not good for training.  Also, I recognise that my blog has revolved mainly around household problems and I need to focus it more on training and performance.  Not to say that I won’t mention the household stuff and on that note and missing out all the further problems, I switched the pump and heater on this morning for the pool and hope it will be ready to use within a couple of days.  Hooray!


So to training.  I didn’t actually get to do my turbo session on Tuesday but instead went out for a meal with Leigh. Nothing fancy, but since then I have had a dodgy stomach and on my early morning run on Wednesday I had to cut it short at 7 miles (I planned 8 or 9) as I needed to use the loo big time!  Today (Thursday) I went for a lunch time run with Kevin and we planned a 7 mile steady run.  The wind is howling and on the outward leg and it was really tough, whilst coming back we were being blown along at a rate of knots.  In addition, the bad stomach surfaced and I had to make two very uncomfortable trips into undergrowth.  One of my tips would be to never run without a small plastic bag containing some loo paper and a couple of plasters.  Both of which I have had to call on during my time training for marathons.  I slip the bag down the side of my underclothes for safe keeping and forget it’s there unless I need it or until I get back to shower and change.


Up to now I have been combining/juggling a marathon training plan and an Ironman training plan and it’s not panning out.  Tonight Leigh is out so, I am taking the opportunity to properly plan the training for the two events and have it in a single written schedule.  From them on I will stick to the plan quite rigidly, with the exception of when family or other immovable events take precedence.  As I have said in earlier blogs, it is good to be focused but if you want to remain happily married and still be part of the family as well as have a bit of a social life, you must also be reasonably flexible.


I will probably have a rest day tomorrow as I am feeling tired and it should also give my stomach some time to settle down ready for a 3 to 3.5 hour ride on Saturday and a 15 mile run on Sunday.




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