Rest day :-)

Today (Friday) is my official rest day this week and I must say I am enjoying it.  The weekend on the other hand holds in store a 3.5 hour ride and a 15 mile run but the weather forecast isn’t too bad.  In addition, I will spend Saturday afternoon in the pool giving it a start up clean and replacing a few bits under water (swim current gauge drive and power unit grill), but no training.  After that though, it should be all ready to commence swim training on Monday.

As scheduled, I put my training programme together last night and just now need to tap it in to the PC to create my reference document.  Not sure where I am going to find the time, but I will at some point.

My stomach is still not quite right but I am hoping it will be OK for my weekend training sessions.  Time will tell. 

Brief entry today but lots to do (including putting the training plan on to paper). 


One response to “Rest day :-)

  1. Glad the pool is closer to being operational.
    (what follows is not a serious comment – just a bit of fun!)
    I was slightly concerned by you and Kevin suffering a howling wind on your outward leg whilst out running. Can you help me identify if I have an outward leg and if so will it affect my running or sport in general? Perhaps different shoes or a hip replacement will help? Maybe the outward leg is a running technique – could you expand on this?
    Did top man Clive fix it that your lap-top would work underwater, unaffected by chlorine tablets, sand filters and the like? If so it may save you some time… you could type whilst swimming

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