Into the Wind

It’s been a while since my last entry, time is flying past.  I am now trying to remember all the things I have thought it would be good to put in my blog over the past few days.  They may come in no particular order but hope they will prompt some thoughts for your exercise/training schedule and the tips will help. 

After my last entry the next longer session was scheduled to be a 3 hour ride.  I planned an out and back route, which I have done many times before and as usual the out was in to the wind.  However, “the wind it was a bloin” and one and a half hours later I had only covered 20 miles.  After a very quick snack, a newly discovered Macadamia nut bar from Eat Natural, and a pee, I cycled back home.  The return leg only took me one hour and 7 mins.  In other words, the wind added 23 minutes on to my outward leg.  Training is hard enough as it is, so don’t make it unnecessarily harder.  Before you commence your ride, it is always a good idea to work out the wind direction and cycle in to it on the outwards leg and have the wind assist you on the return leg.  Also, if you are really keen to exercise for the exact time it states in your schedule then you need to take weather into account.

The following day I had a 15 mile run scheduled and I wanted a change of scenery, so I ran out with the wind and battled on the return leg against the wind.  It wasn’t too bad but I did feel a bit of a Muppet having not learnt the lesson from the bike ride the day before.

But it’s not just about the time or distance spent exercising; it does have to be enjoyable as well, at least, most of the time.  I wanted to run in a particular direction for a change of scenery and I did enjoy the countryside.  The route I ran also takes me along part of a Tri course which I have competed on for several years and it was really good to picture myself racing with like minded people in sunny conditions.  One of the things that keeps me going, is competing during the summer.  Not sure why, but I always get nervous before a race but once it starts I am generally OK and take in the atmosphere and enjoy the competition.

This weekend (tomorrow and Sunday) I am scheduled for a 90 mins run and 3 hour ride.  On Saturday Leigh and I are out to lunch with some friends in
Swindon and I hope to get a couple of DIY jobs done as well as some work on the pool.  It’s still on-going but I am getting there.

All for now


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