Training up to twice a day

My weekly training schedule starts on Monday of each week and today is the beginning of week 5.  “So what” you say.  Well, for me the easy weeks are over and as of today, most days have two training sessions.  Saturday and Sunday are the exceptions which only have one session per day.  However, the sessions on Sunday will get up to seven hours long.  I normally have a long run scheduled for Saturday but I might try to do some of these mid week and hopefully benefit from a longer recovery after the long bike and run sessions.  I’ll have to fit it around work and other weekday commitments, so I can’t make it a permanent thing.

Today’s (Monday) second session was a 2 X (5 X 2 mins) with 30 secs recovery after each effort and a 4 minute recovery between sets.  Sandwiched of course, by a warm up and cool down.  As usual, it was hard as are all hill, interval or speed sessions. The long runs are easy but can be boring whilst the runs to improve speed always hurt. 

However, whilst doing them they hurt but afterwards I feel really good. 



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