Using an Ipod to track your shoes mileage

I did today’s run session with Nathan who tracks his mileage with his Ipod Nano which prompts me to suggest this as a good idea.  You could use a Nano or a Garmin or could work out your pace and calculate the mileage yourself.  It doesn’t need to be particularly accurate but it will let you know when you should buy a new pair of running shoes. 

Typically shoes won’t look knackered even when they are.  The heels and soles will only show a little wear but the constant pounding will have “crushed” the mid sole and you won’t be getting enough cushioning.  The eventual result of this is that injuries caused by jarring will occur.  I suggest buying a new pair of shoes when your current shoes have covered about 350 miles, this then allows you to alternate them.  Alternating shoes is another good idea if you run day after day as you shouldn’t run in the same shoes two days running.  Letting the shoes “rest” for 24 hours after a run allows them to recover from the run and get back their bounce.  Doing this regularly extends their life and helps prevent injuries.


4 responses to “Using an Ipod to track your shoes mileage

  1. Good idea to replace your shoes often. I also have a garmin GPS unit. It’s a lot of fun to track your mileage. I agree that they aren’t always super accurate especially if you run on trails.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for your comment. I have an older Garmin, apparently the new slimmer version is also supposed to be more accurate.

    Just had a look at your blog. What’s an STP One day bike ride?

    Also, you know it makes sense not to come back too soon from injury, give your foot time to heel properly, says the man who is running with calcium growth on his heel which is causing Achilles problems.

    Keep on training and have you ever put a training programme together for training for an Ironman triathlon?

    Yours in sport


  3. Hi Nick,
    The STP bike ride is a 204 mile ride from Seattle to Portland. I did this with a group of 8 riders in the summer of 2005.

    I was training to do a 1/2 ironman last summer and had some problems with my bicep tendon. I did a few sprint triathlons instead. Swimming isn’t my strong suit.

    I haven’t put together a program for the full ironman, but I have several friends who have done them.

    When is your event?

  4. Hi Lisa, I’m currently training for the Austrian Ironman, July 8. Also, I’m running in the London Marathon, April 22 as a warm-up.

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