I was talking to some people in my office last week and they asked me if it was possible to over hydrate.  The short answer is yes but you would have to work quite hard at drinking the volumes required.  However, over hydration or Hyponatremia (not Hyponitremia which is completely different) as it is termed can be life threatening.


One response to “Over-hydrating

  1. Lisa Sabin had a great post on hyponetremia on her blog here.

    I’ve read that the number of cases of Hyponetremia has been on the rise more and more in the last 10 years as more amateur (read less in shape) people attempt endurance sports. There is concern for example that as marathon finish times have moved from 3 hours to 5 hours, that more people are over hydrating with water, not replacing electrolytes and putting themselves at serious risk. Personally this risk seems overblown.

    The common cases I’ve heard of people suffering from water toxicity are from kids trying to “flush out their systems” before a drug test by drinking gallons of water.

    That being said, I prefer products like nuun (www.nuun.com) that give me electrolyte replacement without the calories.

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