Running in the snow

Yet again it’s been a few days since my last entry, apologies and all that.  This is due in the main to too little time and lots to fit in to it.  However, the important thing is getting the miles in and I am doing that quite nicely at the moment. 


Last weeks training went well and due to a family dinner scheduled for Sunday I did my long run on Friday, sixteen miles predominantly off road and in the quite deep snow.  It’s really nice running across virgin snow.  Saturday was meant to be a two and a half hour bike session but the weather was pretty bad, so I did a turbo session instead.  Despite my plans to do a couple of hours it got to the 60 minutes and my rear end had taken enough.  It’s not that my seat doesn’t fit, it works well for me and out on the road I can ride for hours, it’s just that on the turbo, sat in the same position my backside hurts and my feet start to go to sleep.  I’m not worried about the shortened session though, as I am a reasonably strong cyclist and there is plenty of time for some long rides.


The running is going well and I am paying lots of attention to my heel problem (treatment with oils and massage etc. as well as physio and ultrasound) so whilst it’s not healed and does hurt a bit, it’s not prohibiting my training at the moment.


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