Intervals are the way to increase speed

Today had me in the pool at 06.30 hours for a 2000 metre (m) session consisting of 500m warm up (WU), 20 X 1 minutes (mins) drills alternating between leg kicks with fins and arms only with a Pull buoy (PB) and a 500m cool down (CD).  I really enjoyed it and the pool is behaving at the moment.


Lunch time’s schedule was running. A 10 mins WU, then 4 X 8 mins efforts at up to 95% Max Heart Rate (MHR) with 2.5 mins recovery between reps and finally a 10 CD.  Nathan accompanied me on this and we did the WU and CD together but separated for the intervals as pace dictated this.  However, even though it’s not for the full run it is nice to have some company for part of the run and we had a chat about our weekend.


Intervals are quite tough normally but I do find the long interval sessions very tough and have to dig deep for the last couple.  One of the things that keeps me going through these is that I know they make all the difference with race speed and that’s surely what we are all after.  Even if it’s to be able to set a personal best (PB) rather than win it, we would all like to performer better.  Not sure if I have used this phrase in the blog before but a bikers adage is that “winter miles bring summer smiles” and to a degree that is the same for running, but you can’t just leave your running at steady state base mileage if you want to become quicker.   At some point you have to enter in to the speed work arena and although the total of the efforts might only sum up to 10 mins in a 45 mins session.  They will be 10 mins of intervals which hurt, but will make all the difference.  Of course food, hydration and rest/recovery after these sessions are equally important.


All for now unless there are any ?s


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