280 hours of training!

Last night I worked out how many training hours my 27-week Ironman programme amounts to.  The weeks build from 9 or 10 hours up to 20 hours on a 3 to 4 week cycle.  Over the 20 weeks I will be training for 280 hours which is the equivalent of 7 40 hour working weeks.  Phew, it sounds a lot when it is put that way.  Some days I do tire a bit and I try to sleep some lunch times but today I had lots on my mind and couldn’t settle.  The consequence of this is that at the moment I really do feel like a sleep. 


Tonight’s turbo session shouldn’t be too taxing and I have just bought myself an Ipod Nano so, I am hoping to listen to a couple of pod casts whilst exercising.  However, I am not a technical guru and I suspect it won’t be as straightforward as I hope and I will end up with the TV on whilst turboing instead.  Still, it’s always nice to buy yourself a treat and this one was a real bargain.


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