The pool – at last in use

The poolhouseThe PoolThe pool

The newly re-built pool – at last in use :o)


6 responses to “The pool – at last in use

  1. Is this an Endless Pool? If it is, this is great!! I have been fascinated by these things, I think they are a clever invention.

  2. Yes it is an Endless pool and is great to train in. I do have to adapt sessions as most are written in metres and I have to adapt them to a time basis. So 10 X 100m becomes 10 X 1 minute. But with the water speed set at what ever I set it to I can really see the effects of a stroke change as if the stroke efficiency drops I move backwards in the pool. This is something you can’t see instantly in a regular pool. The only down side of the pool, apart from the original cost is the time and cost of its upkeep. Getting the chemcal balance is time consumng and quite costly.

  3. Sweet looking pool! Maybe when I grow up I’ll get one…

  4. I don’t think I’m ever going to grow up, it’s just the older I get the more expensive the toys get!

  5. Hi Nick, the pool looks great, I can’t wait to give a try.
    Great blog too. First time I have I’ve been on a blog, what a good idea.
    Another first for me was swimming my first ever mile at the Trackors on Tuesday. Huge psycological step, I only hope I can continue to build on this.
    I don’t envy your the Iron Man training sounds like you put your life on hold to do something like that and yet here are with a pool and a pergola!
    How do you do it all?

  6. I look forward to helping you improve your stroke even further in the pool. Although it’s excellent that you have done your first mile in the pool.

    What about the challenge of taking that distance to an open water, wet suit swim this summer?

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