Never use new stuff for a race

Here’s a top tip for you, never use a new piece of equipment, clothing or nutrition during a race for the first time.  New clothing and footwear could well rub and spoil your race.  New electronic gadgetry could take your mental focus off your goal.  Clothes etc. should be worn in training and washed a few times before using them on race day even if it is an identical replacement for a piece of kit you already use, as you never know when the manufacturer could change the way they make it and surprise you!  Nutrition is a whole new ball game and any nutrition you use during a race should be well tried and tested in training.  Electronic gadgetry can be difficult to fathom out whilst sat down and focused on it, but whilst running or cycling can be very distracting.  Not only should you have used it in training, you should know every function and what every button press will do almost blindfold.  The toy is a racing/training aid and should help you to achieve your gaols, not distract you from them.  You should also know if the battery power will last, as if it fails during your race you could end up without a clue where you are tactically. This is an excellent reason for having some form of backup during a major event.  For example if you are monitoring progress on a Garmin you should also have set your watch at the start of the race just in case something goes slightly pear-shaped with your primary aid.


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