Brick sessions help you practice transition

Brick sessions, if you aren’t aware, are sessions containing two disciplines done back to back.  A classic triathlon brick is a bike followed immediately by a run.  This helps to get your legs and cardiovascular system used to the change of discipline but also helps with transition.  Transition is simply where you discard the kit used for one discipline and don the kit used in the next phase of the race.  In triathlon, races can be won or lost in transitions, so practice in the transition phase is important.  Practice allows you to know how you set your kit out and to have gone through the process many times before race day.

My training session “brick” today was to be a two and a half hour ride and a 30 minute run.  I was slightly under on time on the bike but covered 40 miles and then to the run averaging slightly less than 7 minute 30 seconds per mile, covering 4 miles on the run section of my brick session.  I mostly enjoyed the session, although it was a bit showery on the bike. 


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