Getting your feet ready for race-day

In previous blogs I have talked about not trying anything new on race day.  Friday, whilst preparing for the event in London, I went through the normal preparations and also had time to cut my nails and this reminded me of some other race prep routines you should familiarise yourself with.  Cutting nails before a long run is a good idea to stop rubbing problems but something as innocuous as this can also cause problems.  I did it Friday, got carried away and cut one of my nails a bit too short. As it happens I got away with it on my long Sunday run, but I have done the same thing in the past and trust me, it can be very sore after a few miles.  So my tip is to cut nails and prepare your feet in general the week before the big race.  This is close enough for them not to grow long enough to have any effect but long enough before the race to ensure any slight over cuts can settle down.  In summary: don’t do anything within a few days of a race day, which you haven’t done before.  It could jeopardise your result.


2 responses to “Getting your feet ready for race-day

  1. It’s the little things that make the difference – I am enjoying your small but incredibly useful pointers. I am only going to get one crack at the London Marathon this year, so it is exactly this kind of tit-bit that could make the difference between a great day or a disastrous day.
    Keep posting!

  2. Hi Noel

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad the tips are helpful. Watch this space, there’s a lot more where that came from :o)

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