Running in the City

Work has slightly screwed up my training this week but I have managed to get most scheduled sessions in.  Thursday I had an evening event with an overnight stay in
London.  There are usually a few of these a year and I do my best to arrive at the hotel, which is located at the north side of Hyde Park, in time to get a couple of laps of the park in before I have to get ready for the event.  This time I arranged to meet Nathan, also going to the event, and we had a couple of really easy paced laps of the park.  It’s always interesting to watch other people and I am always surprised that in
London other runners do not acknowledge you.  Anywhere else in the country runners always exchange some form of acknowledgement, even if it’s only a head nod.  Still, I guess that’s probably typical of a big city.  Friday was a rest day and recovery from the large quantities of hospitality I took in whilst at the event in


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