A Run in the Wet

Sunday’s run wasn’t promising to be very good weather-wise, but I started out in the dry and it remained dry for the best part of an hour.  After an hour it rained quite heavily but what surprised me was the amount of water on the roads.  Clearly, we have had enough rain to saturate the ground and with nowhere to go it is staying on the roads.  Suffice to say it wasn’t too long before my feet were very wet.  The second hour of my run was therefore wet from the sky and from the roads.  The last hour the rain stopped and all in all the run was pretty good.  I was surprised to see quite a few other people out, some horse riders, cyclists and other runners.  I am clearly not the only crazy fool!


2 responses to “A Run in the Wet

  1. Hi Nick,
    It was good to see you out on Sunday. I was suprised to see you running the hills around Ashton, but guess you took the route via Hartwell and back to Hackleton via the Forest. Your 3 hours made my quick 5 miles in the rain a real week effort!
    Keep up the hard work

  2. Hi Jean

    It’s always nice to see a familiar face, especially one with a big enthusiastic smile on it. I ended up doing 21 miles and went from Hackleton through Salcey forest through Hartwell, Ashston, Stoke Bruerne, Blisworth and out towards Gayton and at my halfway mark turned back for home. Sorry I didn’t stop for a chat but we were both on a mission and in different directions, so not really practical. 5 miles is not to be sniffed at especially as on a morning like that, many people would have stayed in the dry. Good willpower!



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