A Long run followed by intervals the following day!

Last weekend’s 21 mile run wasn’t too bad as I posted earlier but I had an interval session scheduled for the following day which, after warm up, was 4 X 8 minutes hard with 2.5 minute recoveries.  Boy did that one dig in and hurt.  So the remainder of the week has felt like a bit of a breeze.  The schedule this week has me training for 14.5 hours but as I am on holiday, I can fit it in during the day at a more leisurely time with the consequence that training feels fantastic.  I can’t wait until I can give up work permanently and train whenever I want too.  The only blot on the landscape is that I have discovered some damage to the swimming pool liner and it is losing some water, which will only get worse.  I’ll keep you posted on progress with that one.


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