Gorgeous weather, wish you were here!

This week I am on holiday with the primary aim of working on my manual: ‘How to Run a Marathon Even if You Have Never Run a Step in Your Life’.  I was worried that when I sat down to start typing I would go blank.  Far from it, my fingers can’t keep up with my brain and I am now worried that this manual is likely to turn in to a War and Peace competitor.  One doesn’t realise how much one has picked up over the years, and when I start typing it just keeps gushing out.  In fact, the downside of it is that I have had to do some other things as well and my writing time is being eaten in to.  Still, I am on holiday!  Friday, my training rest day this week, Leigh and I are off to the Crufts dog show.  We’re both looking forward to it.


The weekend’s sessions are a 2.25 hour run Saturday (16 or so miles) and on Sunday a 70 mile bike ride and 30 min run as a brick session.  I am going to try and do the Sunday session with some fellow Ironman triathletes, which unfortunately means getting up at 5am and travelling to meet them and start the ride at 06.30 hours.  That reminds me I need to dig out my bike lights.  Still, it will be nice to have a bit of company and a chat whilst training.


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