We took time-out on Friday to visit the world’s biggest dog-show Crufts, at the NEC Birmingham.  We have been without a dog for a few years now, and now feel ready to take the plunge and get another one.


Up to now we’ve been Great Dane people, but since losing our last Great Dane Titan we have been giving considerable thought to a change of breed.  Although we love the Great Danes, they are somewhat impractical with regard to our lifestyle, and requirements.  We really need a dog that can go in the back of the car to accompany us on outings and holidays, and is happy to go out running with us (unfortunately, the Great Dane is not very good at running any distance).


We’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the internet and in books, and we went to the discover dogs section at Crufts, and we’ve concluded that the perfect fit to our requirements is a Weimaraner.   

We’re looking to take on a rescue Weimaraner sometime from mid-July (after the Ironman event).  Can’t wait :o)  We’ll keep you updated.


One response to “Crufts!

  1. Weimaraners are great, good choice!
    It will be interesting to see who will get worn out first!

    I also love the “big” dogs esp the Great Dane & Mastiff, the Iris Wolfhound are lovely and big, but not sure on their overall look.

    you will have to post some pic’s when you get them!

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