Think of your training partners abilities

Yet again time has flown by before I get the chance to update my blog.  I have been to the
Geneva motor show with work and not had access t a PC. This also scuppered all training for Tuesday.  However, training is going OK.  Saturday I did a 15 mile run in glorious conditions on my own and on Sunday I met up with my fellow Austria Ironman competitors who hail out of Bedford (aka Team Bedford) for a brick session.  It was an early start, 06.30 which gets the training done am and then allows some family time in the afternoon.  We did a 70 mile ride and followed it immediately with a 30 minute run.  The weather was smiling on us and all in all a good training session was had by all.  However, these rides of longer duration and with some hills do split the pack and even if the front runners wait for the tail end chaps it only exacerbates the problem as the stronger cyclists have time to recover whilst waiting and then when the tail-enders catch up we’re straight off at a quick pace.  The result of this is that after an hour so we dropped a couple of riders off the back.  The tail enders did their own thing and also had a good training ride and we did meet up at the end of the ride as agreed, for the run.  The motto here is that if there are varying levels of ability it’s much better to split into groups as otherwise the higher ability riders have a compromised training session and the riders with less ability can get demoralised and completely fatigued.


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