Half Way There

I am now in week 14 of my 27 week Ironman training schedule and the mileages are building.  This weeks LSD (long steady distance) sessions were a 17 mile run on Friday morning before work and on Saturday a 90 mile ride.  Sunday, I had a rest day and spent it doing quite a lot of heavy landscaping in the garden.  Today Monday, is also a rest day and is also the first day of a weeks holiday from work (hoorah).  I hope to get a bit more of my marathon training manual written but it is now mid-day and other jobs, including getting a blog entry completed, have taken over.  Still, it is a holiday and I am enjoying doing this.  This weeks training isn’t too testing as it allows some recovery time for a heavy Bank holiday weekend’s training.  We have guests round for a BBQ on Bank Holiday Monday so, I have had to re-jig the schedule a bit but it looks like I will be doing a 100 mile ride and a 45 minute run (5 miles) on Friday, taking a rest day on Saturday, Sunday is a brick session consisting of a 4 hour bike ride (probably about 65 to 70 miles) and then straight in to a 2 hour run (nice and steady, so probably 15 miles) and on Monday, before I light the BBQ and get my chefs head on, a 50 mile tempo bike ride.  So the Bank holiday weekend plan is to cycle 215 miles and run 20.  After all that I should be ready for my BBQ meal.


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