Mental Toughness as well as Physical Effort

Endurance sport is about physical effort but it is also about mental toughness.  This toughness is what gets you through the moments where you just want to sit on the roadside, where your brain is telling you that your body is saying no but your mental toughness is saying I CAN, I WILL, I MUST.  This mental toughness starts by making decisions in your training programme which aren’t always about carrying on through a session when it is hurting but are also about putting your goal ahead of other things and making your training high on your priority list.  Getting out of bed at some unseemly hour to run before you meet your colleagues for a breakfast meeting, or leaving a social event earlier than you normally would and having not drunk your normal amounts to ensure you are ready for tomorrow’s LSD (Long Steady Distance) session.  Endurance events are tough both physically and mentally but they can also bring many rewards and for each of us these rewards are different but hopefully worth the effort you put in and the sacrifices you made.


One response to “Mental Toughness as well as Physical Effort

  1. I agree. The hard thing is that you have to be mentally tough for extended periods of time. Even in just one long marathon, you have to keep convincing yourself not to stop as much as you feel bad. We have to be Warriors. Thanks!

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