A Long holiday weekend means more training!

I was on holiday the 4 days before the Easter break and completed a little more of my manual on’ how to run a marathon’.  It is going really well, albeit slower than I would like and due to my enthusiasm I have far more to put in it than I originally thought.  I also got a few jobs around the house done which eats in to manual-writing time, but life balance is important.

Friday, I met up with the Team Bedford Ironman crew and we did 100 mile ride and a 5 mile run.  All went according to plan except that somehow I managed to get 3 punctures.  Luckily some of the crew had inner tubes they were willing to let me have, as I ran out early on in the ride.

Saturday was a rest day from training although I did get a circular deck built in the garden which was pretty exhausting.  A fine example of a circular deck, if I say so myself.  Although I must admit I was gob-smacked at the price of the timber, it’s rocketed over recent months.

Sunday I had to train on my own as the Ironman crew were on a different schedule to me due to a family and friends BBQ Leigh and I were holding on Easter Monday to celebrate her mum’s 80th birthday.  I cycled 70 miles and ran 14 and a bit and then finished a few bits and bobs off in the garden.

On Monday I had a deadline to be back home to light the BBQ so, out early(ish) for a 47 mile bike ride, done at slightly above race pace and then home for the grand lighting.  My culinary skills were put to the test on the BBQ and all seemed to enjoy the food and so far there are no reports of upset stomachs from anyone!

So, all in all a great training and family weekend with pretty good weather and no injuries or disasters.  One can’t ask for more.


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