Calculating my nutrition for the Ironman

Over the past few long training sessions I have been pacing myself at Ironman race pace and monitoring my calorie usage for the bike and run.  I am using (burning) an average of 800 to 900 kcals per hour on the bike and 850 to 950 kcals per hour whilst running.  This means during the race I will need to consume these hourly quantities for the bike and run sections in order to ensure I don’t ‘hit the wall’ (aka ‘bonking’).  I also have to balance this calorific intake to ensure I am taking in somewhere between 70g to 100g of carbs, some protein and a little fat.  An Ironman event is physically demanding and also mentally demanding from a ‘toughness’ point of view, but one of the hard parts of the race is ensuring that your nutritional requirements are met without getting in to trouble with stomach cramps or nausea.


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