New bike bits

I have just purchased some new bits for my race bike, a compact chain ring set and a new bottle carrier.  The compact chain set means that the gears on the front are now slightly smaller than normal which gives me lower gearing enabling me to spin faster up hills rather than have to stand out of the saddle.  The bottle rack allows me to carry additional bottles behind the saddle.  This gives me extra storage and it’s out of the air flow as well, ensuring that there is minimum disruption to airflow which helps to maintain speed and reduce effort.


One response to “New bike bits

  1. You should like the Compact Drive set-up. I got on on my Trek last year after much soul searching and I love it. My previous bike had an “ego” drive train on it from high school – a 7 speed 21-12 in the back with a 42-53 in the front (it was 1987 when I built it). It’s pretty tough to do even a moderate climb in a 42-21 and not really rational which I call it my “ego” drive train.

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