Tapering for the London Marathon

With the London marathon being this Sunday, I am tapering down a bit to ensure I use the race as a quality long distance training event.  I would like to run it and try for a personal best but that would completely screw my Ironman training schedule up so, I am aiming to run it at what is lovingly termed the ‘Ironman shuffle’ pace.  For me that should equate to a finish time of somewhere between 3:45 and 4:00 hours (or 8.30 to 9.00 minute mileing). The taper is really nice though as I only have to train once a day and mostly get to lie in bed for another hour or so.

A friend of mine, Dan is running the London Marathon and wants to break the 4 hour barrier so I might suggest I try and pace him round.  The Ironman shuffle is actually quite a good technique and relevant in long distance races.  Don’t forget the marathon during the Ironman is run after the athlete has completed the 2.4 mile swim and the 112 mile bike ride.  The shuffle allows the conservation of energy and helps with taking nutrition on-board.  As you can see from one of my previous posts nutrition is key and during training an awful lot of work goes in to working out what and when an Ironman eats.

If Noel Ryan (a contributor to my blog and a London entrant) reads this entry, all the best for Sunday and remember if you have done all the hard work and mental preparation during training it will all be fine.  When it starts to hurt just dig deep and see yourself crossing the finish line, and you will!

If you have any questions re the above or want more information please put a comment on the blog and I’ll do my best to help out.  Don’t hesitate – it’s free and it’s quality information!


2 responses to “Tapering for the London Marathon

  1. Thanks Nick – I off to the Excel Centre to pick up my number this afternoon.

    I am in the Red start and aiming for the 4hr mark, so will be somewhere near the Runners World pacer (who I believe will be at the back of the 4hr pen). I will be running in a bright green Oxfam, so look out for me and say hi if you see me.

    PS. I made sure I cut my toenails earlier this week!!

  2. Good luck in the London Marathon. I hope the weather will cooperate with you. It should be an exciting day out there.

    Coach Joe English

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