Nothing now until the race.

It is Friday of the week before the London marathon and I have a couple of rest days.  I did a 3,000 metre swim this morning but it was all very relaxed and I was wetsuit clad.  I thought I would let the wetsuit see the light of day and have a really easy swim.  If you have never swum in a wetsuit, it is really easy as you are very buoyant compared to normal, making the swim position much more streamline and hence easier to move through the water.  I really enjoyed it.

I had a steady 60 minute run yesterday lunch time but it has been a really easy week for me.  I hope that my really steady London marathon doesn’t hold any shocks in store for me and that I can get Dan round in his target time.

This evening I am off to London to collect my race stuff (number, champion chip etc.) and will have a good nose around the exhibition and see what I can put on my Christmas list to Santa.

I am feeling a bit tired but otherwise OK and of course as soon as the London marathon is over and done on Sunday, I am back in to Ironman training with two sessions on Monday consisting of a 2,250 metre swim session in the morning and a 45 minute run session later.  Only 10 weeks to go now to Austria and so after this last week of rest the big push starts before the taper for the Ironman.  I have planned a three week taper and I am really looking forward to it.  Still, must keep focused as there is still many miles to swim, cycle and run before July.

I haven’t really mentioned it to date but I have been carb loading a bit for London and I will cover carb loading in a future blog in more depth closer to Austria.

All for now


3 responses to “Nothing now until the race.

  1. Good Luck for the race tomorrow morning all the best mate I will be watching out for you.


  2. Was thinking of you yesterday. Hope all went well and you had a good race. Lesley

  3. Hi Uncle Nick, hope you ran well. Did try to see you on the tv, but didn’t see you!

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