It’s F-F-F-Friday!

Friday comes in the form of a rest day and getting ready for the 120 mile ride tomorrow and the brick session on Bank holiday Monday.  Sunday is a rest day although if the weather is dry I shall be out doing a bit more landscaping on the garden.  If the weather is typical Bank holiday weather, Leigh and I will be getting our heads round pulling together the marathon training manual and various other bits of information which are invaluable to someone training and competing in a marathon.

The Saturday long ride

Saturday morning I am meeting some of the Team Bedford guys at 06.30am start and we are following a route one of the guys has plotted.  As you can imaging it takes us well away from our base but should allow us to do quite a lot of flat riding out on the
Fens.  We are aiming to average 18mph so will be in the saddle for just over six and a half hours.  During which time we sample the delights (not) of carb drinks, gels and bars to keep us going.  I reckon I will burn in the region of 5,300Kcals and although I will eat on the bike it’s not possible to consume and keep down that many calories so a hearty recovery drink and meal awaits my return home.  Clearly I will need to recover ASAP and be ready for the Monday Brick.  I’ve said it before but training for endurance sport is almost more about nutrition and recovery than doing the exercise.  The exercise is relatively easy but getting the rest of it right is hard work.

1st Lake Swim of the Season

Zac and I had our first lake swim yesterday and although I would be telling porkies if I said the water was warm, I actually felt warmer in the lake than I have the last couple of times on the bike.  But as stated before, it wasn’t the wrong weather making me cold it was the wrong, well actually not enough, clothing!  You think after all these years I would have learnt how not to trust the weather forecasters.  What a Muppet!

A sports massage is not a pamper session!

Graham, my Physio, masseur and all round ‘sort my body out person’, spent an hour of his time sorting me out after my swim which did me good.  However, a word of warning, whilst a sports massage is great for helping to reduce the chances of an injury and to get your body back in shape a bit they bloomin’ hurt.  When I mention to people at work that I have a massage booked there is the obvious smutty looks first before I qualify the situation.  Then they say that I am lucky and a massage is really nice.  Clearly they have never had a sports massage, as you spend most of your time trying not to scream as deep muscle techniques are used and the one thing it isn’t is pleasurable.  But it does feel good when it’s over.

Welcome home Mum

On a non training mote, Mum comes home from the hospital today as she is a little better.  We’ll have to see how she does and how my Stepfather, Bill copes with her on his own.  Still, I would think she would be pleased to get out of hospital as although I am sure they try very hard, I don’t think it’s nice to be in hospital and ones morale must take a dive.  Welcome home Mum!

I’ll leave it at that for now but will try to get an update to you on Tuesday.  If you have any questions, send ‘em in and I’ll try to respond with something sensible.

PS. Good luck to Steve and Stuart who are competing in the
Bedford sprint triathlon on Sunday.  I expect a full race report!


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