Some serious training, and time for a little DIY

I had to juggle things around due to work and other commitments but I managed to get most sessions in and they went according to plan.  Saturday was a 4,000 metre lake swim followed by a 30 mile ride.  The swim was OK with some very nice warm spots in the lake and exiting the swim and changing for the bike was smooth.  A few of the Team Bedford guys followed Kevin (thanks for planning the route K) around a nice 30 mile ride.  We had to stop a couple of times as we dropped a couple of riders and waited at junctions so they wouldn’t go wrong, but we still average 19 mph.  My legs felt good and I was looking forward to a rest day on Sunday and then a swim, bike and run brick on Monday.  In hindsight, we also didn’t realise how lucky we were with the weather having been able to complete the session in the dry.


Saturday afternoon I managed to dig a new hole for the line post and concrete a new piece of tubing into the ground ready to fit the line post in.  I go a bit over the top on DIY and always do a belt-and-braces job and I have concreted in this huge ‘scud missile’ sized piece of tubing (I think it was an old road sign upright), but we sure as hell won’t ever have a line that isn’t upright!  This is the third year we haven’t had a line post so, with a washing line in operation we can cut down on the electricity bills and have fresh smelling clothes.  However, the new position for the line is under one of the oak trees in our garden and I suspect we will have bird’s doo and sticky sappy stuff from the tree on our freshly laundered garments!  I managed to finish this job before it started to rain.  Rain that would go on for the next two days without any let up.  But Saturday I also managed to get a couple of smaller DIY jobs done and had a bit of a tidy up in the garage.  I say garage, what I really mean is a place where a car (in fact two cars) could be stored but where I keep all of my tools and toys.


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