Final Grooming shave vs wax

We leave home for Austria on Tuesday morning at 04.00 hours and I have my last pre race massage booked for Monday.  Last week I had my hair cut as well as a session with my waxing lady.  There’s always lots of conversational traffic about waxing and does it or doesn’t it help and is it better to wax or shave.  I have tried both and neither is perfect and at the moment I wax.  The reason incidentally isn’t, as many people think, to do with aerodynamics, it’s the fact that massage is easier on non hairy legs and, if the athlete has an accident whilst on their bike the wounds apparently heal better if they haven’t got hair tangled up I the scabs, plus it’s easier for wound dressings, without hair.


One response to “Final Grooming shave vs wax

  1. Who are you kidding? You clearly like pain I suspect that’s the reason for waxing.

    By the way, you “Wax Lyrical” too!

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