One week to go

I really do enjoy my sport and exercise but during the last couple of weeks of taper it has been really nice to exercise less than in the previous 24 weeks and have some rest time.  However, it is mentally tough as my brain keeps telling me I should be training more.  Also now, with only one week to go before the race and only a couple of days to go before we start to travel out to Austria, I am becoming paranoid about every ache, dry throat or twinge.  There’s not a lot I can do about it but loads of people at work and around generally seem to have just got over an illness and I don’t want to pick it up from them.  It wouldn’t be good at all to have put all the effort in to training over 27 weeks only to either have my performance affected or even a non start due to illness.  I’ll just have to wait and see.


A previous blog commenter, Peter, has asked me to do a small piece on nutrition.  Peter, I haven’t forgotten and I will do it when I return from Austria but at the moment I can’t seem to concentrate or focus on much at all. 


Today, Sunday I am going to Bedford with the van and attempting to load all of the team’s bikes and kit.  The van seemed huge when I picked it up but there is an awful lot of kit to go in it and now I am wishing I had organised a bigger vehicle.  I am sure it will be OK, I will just have to take my time and load and secure it all carefully.


I am generally a bit of a worrier and I am doing my usual trick of thinking of all those things that can go wrong.  The journey, route, ferry crossing and all the other items that require attention are constantly running through my head and I must admit I have had a nagging headache for a while now.  I am sure I will be OK when I get to Austria and can hopefully relax and chill a bit before the race.


The weather in Austria is warmer than I would like for the race but it will of course be nice for the pre and post race time out there and for the supporters during the race.  The lake is currently very warm (24 degrees Celsius) and we are not sure if the swim will be ruled as a non wetsuit race, I hope not (the wetsuit adds buoyancy)! 


I am likely not to have any time after this entry to update you until after I return from Austria.  Once I am back I’ll let you have a full update and race report.


All for now, I’ll blog you after the race.




2 responses to “One week to go

  1. Nick, If I don’t see you before you go best of luck. You’ve done all the hard work and are in the best place you could be so stop worrying and just enjoy the experience now.
    Interesting thoughts on waxing! hope you have remembered to cut your toe nails.
    You already know what there is to know about hydration and nutrition so don’t forget any of it in the excitement.
    Again good luck, do a great time.

  2. Nick,

    Best of luck, I meant to catch you before you left. I’ll be thinking of you when I see those wimps cycling round the park in london this weekend!


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