The Ironman badge of honour – the tattoo

One question for Ironman finishers, especially first timers is ‘do I have the tattoo or not?’.  An Ironman is a long distance triathlon organised by a commercial organisation called Ironman.  The logo of the Ironman organisation is the “M-dot” and it is quite common practice when you have completed your first Ironman to have the M dot tattooed on your calf.  It’s a badge of honour and a message to others of your achievements in the sport of triathlon.  Some athletes go on to complete many Ironman races and have many tattoos whilst others decide not to mark their achievements in this way.  I opted to have a tattoo after my first Ironman race but rather than go for the standard M dot logo, I had a triathlon themed design drawn up.

Here’s me with my ironman tattoo showing (right ankle)

Nick in cycling gear showing tattoo

And a closer shot of the tattoo:

Nick’s Ironman tattoo


One response to “The Ironman badge of honour – the tattoo

  1. Well done for completing the Iron Man – I hope people are realising what an amazing achievement it is!
    My brother did his first one last year in Zurich and I was totally amazed by what it entails.
    My husband’s son-in-law is doing the same event this year and I would like to see the logo (like you, my brother designed his own version). Where is it?

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