Nottingham Sprint Tri race report

After the Quadrathon experience, I was back on familiar turf for this Sprint Tri at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham.  Nothing spectacular or extraordinary happened and I had another enjoyable race.

The swim was probably the worst swim start I have ever been in with lots of physical contact and two definite punches and a considered hand on the back of my head and huge ducking.  I’m not sure why people do it as whilst contact is inevitable some do seem to make a point of being very physical.  Anyhow, I completed the swim OK and took to the flat 4 lap bike course and then the single lap run. I came in 28th and feel that’s a pretty good result as so far this year I have only trained for long distance events and haven’t done any speed work.  I really need to sort out some speed work for the remaining events this year as they are all sprint or Olympic (Oly) distance. 


This coming weekend I am entered in to the Bedford Oly triathlon where the swim takes place in the river Ouse, the bike is on a very scenic country road course and the run is a three lapper along the Embankment giving ample opportunity for the crowds to cheer on the athletes.  I’ll give you an update on that race next week.

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