The injury problems are being tackled

I’ve been to see my good friend Mark Booth, osteopath and sports injury specialist, to get my niggling injuries looked-at (well more like pummelled, poked, and pressed – hard!).

I’m having trouble with a trapped-nerve in my lower back, and that is causing aches and pains in my hip and leg.  My heel is still not running fit, and so that was added to the list as well.   I came out of the session hurting a lot more than I went in, and with instructions to ice my ankle.  Not something I look forward to, as the weather is sub-zero, and our heating is broken-down and we’re freezing indoors!  Anyway I feel that the painful session has been worth it and it has done some good.

I have another session booked, and hope to be able to beat these problems, and get on with my training.  As it is now the new year, I have a training schedule to get on with to get ready for forthcoming events in 2010.


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