Why my legs are aching

I went for a gentle club-road-ride on Saturday morning, my first real exercise for a good couple of weeks.  A catalogue of factors have kept me from exercising lately.  I’ve had injury problems, plus the weather has been snowy/icy, and over the Christmas break, the routine is disrupted.  Anyway, I did go out for a steady 42 miles tea-run, with a couple of lads from my local club.  The weather was icy and so there were only 3 of us who braved it, but it was fine, and we had no mishaps. 

On our Saturday morning rides, we usually see many other cyclists, runners, and horse-riders, but on this occasion, the roads were quiet, and we only saw 2 other cyclists, and no runners or horse-riders.

My Christmas gifts of new cold-weather cycling gloves, and winter overshoes were put to good use, and I was toasty-warm.

Now, a couple of days later, my two-and-a-bit -weeks lay-off is telling, and my legs are aching!


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