The weather is still hampering much of my training.  With snow and ice on the ground it is safer not to run or cycle.

Whilst it can be good fun, the snow can hide pot-holes and other obstacles which can cause injury and I’d rather lose a couple of weeks run/cycle training than risk an injury and many weeks or even months off training.  It is much better to be cautious. 

However, you can move your exercise indoors or confine it to a smaller area than usual outdoors. My Monday Boot-Camp Circuits class moves to one of the Milton Keynes underpasses in this cold weather and we use the lit, dry tarmac area as our base.

Tonight saw a reasonably sized group of hardy souls.  The regulars know that once the initial ‘I don’t want to go out in the cold’ thoughts are overcome and we are in the session and steaming, the cold crisp nights can be quite invigorating.

There are a few things you need to be careful about.  Firstly, you need to be careful getting to where you are to exercise, if there is snow or ice on paths and roads.  Secondly, you need to make sure you warm up properly, and when you finish you need to be careful not to get cold whilst stretching.

In fact I would suggest getting back indoors before stretching.  You don’t have to stretch immediately and it is perfectly acceptable to stretch once showered and changed.  Better to stretch once you are back in the warm, than to try to stretch in the outdoors and get a chill.

A good session, and well done to Morna, who now has excellent abs strength.


One response to “Steamin’

  1. I’m filled with admiration for you guys – I’m afraid I shy away from going out in this weather. I hear excellent reports about this Boot-Camp Circuits Class though – so I may well make an appearance :o)

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