Wear and Tear!

Swam about 3 miles this morning, 1.5hrs. Felt good and strong and I was able to keep up a good speed. I think my rest over the weekend has done me good.

Unfortunately, my swimming stroke means my chin brushes my shoulders on both sides, and constant repetition has meant that I have sore patches on my shoulders – another couple of sore patches to add to my growing collection!

I wore my wetsuit in the pool today, and when I took it off I noticed that I’ve worn holes in the shoulders – again this is the chin-brushing-the-shoulders problem. At least it protected my skin! Oh well, this is my old wetsuit, so hopefully, the newer one will last me this season.

Talking of wear and tear, I’ve just bought some Reskin bike patches for cycling. They are little reusable anti-friction patches that protect the skin from chafing. These are for the little area where the sitting bones meet the saddle. I’ll be trying them out on my next long ride.


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