Measuring Pee-per-hour!

Enjoyed my rest day yesterday (Sunday), and got up early for a swim before work this morning.

Started at 6am, and watched the beautiful sunrise, as I swam. Did 110 minutes, my longest ever swim to date! I didn’t wear my wetsuit today, as the water in the pool is warm, so I wore a triathlon suit, to help prevent wearing holes in my shoulders with constant chin-brushing.

I drank For Goodness Shake sports drink whilst I was in the pool and then had breakfast before leaving for the office.

Warning – stop reading now if you don’t like talk of bodily functions :o)

Measuring pee-per-hour!

I took a receptacle into the pool-house with me and used it for peeing into. This meant I could measure the amount of pee-per-hour, sorry, but this is important information for an endurance athlete :o) Worked out to about 0.5 Litre per hour. This will help me calculate how much I need to be drinking to ensure I don’t dehydrate. These things are crucial for a successful endurance race.

So, workout done for now. 40 minutes sleep at lunch-time. Boot-camp circuits class tonight.


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