Cycling today, nursing my injured thigh

A cycling day today (mountain bike), which is handy, because I can cycle with my injured thigh, where I wouldn’t want to be running today.

Cycled 6.5 miles round the forest with the dog first thing, then home to drop the dog off, and cycled 11 miles in to work, taking my mileage up to 18 miles, then cycled round Milton Keynes with a couple of colleagues at lunch time, adding another 14 miles and then cycled home, making the total about 43miles.

Mostly steady paced today. The dog trots at about 8 miles per hour so an easy cycling pace, and the lunch time ride was also at a steady pace. A little faster on my way to and from the office.

Tried out the Reskin patch today (anti-chafing patch to protect the skin where sitting-bones meet saddle). It seems to be working nicely, although not quite big enough to cover the area I need. Reused the same patch for each cycling session, with the adhesive gradually getting less sticky. It looks like four or five times is the limit for one patch. That’s fine, that’s what it says on the tin, and I’m happy with that.

Saw the physiotherapist today about my thigh, which has come out badly bruised now, since tearing yesterday morning, and it’s noticeably swollen just above the knee. Clair the physio said it was a ripped muscle, and not a ligament. This is good news, because muscle can repair itself much quicker than ligament. A muscle tear will hopefully be recovered in a couple of weeks, where a ligament would take more like a couple of months.

Clair treated the area with ultra-sound and I’ve got a cool-patch on it to reduce the swelling.


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