Two weeks to go

It’s now only two weeks until the Triple Ironman race and I am starting to really focus on what I need to take. The lists are copious as we need camping gear, food, sports gear, normal clothing etc. Etc. Boy the car’s going to be full!

Training has mainly been OK although I have had a ripped quad muscle and some lower back and calf problems, On top of this I had a bout of ‘flu, proper ‘flu not man-‘flu as I was in bed for a week and off exercising for two weeks which was very frustrating, and set me back badly.

At the moment I am permanently tired and napping at lunch rimes as well as sleeping at the weekends after my workout. Last week did a 154 mile bike ride, a 4.5 mile swim and a 27 mile run and did feel a tad knackered. The dog is lovin’ all the running and managed the 27 miles comfortably.


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