Getting Ready to go…

Went out with the dog this morning for a 5-mile run, but no exercise session planned for today. I’ll be sleeping at lunchtime, to try and get a 45-minute nap in the bank.

I have a loan vehicle arranged to be delivered this evening, so we’ll be loading up tonight with the large amounts of gathered camping gear, equipment and food and sports nutrition. We’ll be dropping the dog off for a week’s ‘holiday’ with friends tonight and then we’ll be travelling to the site tomorrow (Wednesday), in readiness for official registration and briefing on Thursday. My race begins on Friday at 2pm

My buddy Andy was doing the Decca-ironman event, but unfortunately he has had to pull out after Day-4, with an infection. I’m getting a little paranoid about catching something myself, as several colleagues at the office have come down with viruses this week, and there has been coughing and sniffling in the office. I’m feeling chilly today and I have a dry throat, but is that just my mind playing tricks on me?? I’ve been taking Echinacea and vitamin-C to try to bolster my immune system. After months of anticipation, I don’t want to have to pull out at the last minute because of illness!

Well, wish me luck, please sponsor me if you haven’t already, and keep an eye on the blog for updates during the event.


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