Flat Out in the Fens

Enjoyed Flat Out in the Fens “The longest sportive challenge in Britain” cycling challenge on Sunday 23 June 2013.

Flat Out in the Fens

Did the Ironman distance of 112 miles with some mates. Very pleased with my time, got round well within the Gold-Standard time. The Gold-Standard time is about 6hrs20mins. Managed to finish in 5hrs 40mins, and that was with a couple of stops at feed stations for chocolate and banana Soreen loaf yum. Plus we got lost because someone had tampered with the signage on the route (it may have been the wind), so we ended up doing an extra 4 miles or so.

Went out with some riders from the Northampton club Treads. There were 9 of us and we all started together but by the end there were 3 of us who finished together, with the others trickling in later.

We had to battle strong winds. The last 20-30 miles the winds were very strong. The forecast had predicted rain, so I took my winter bike, but in the end we only had a little sprinkling of rain which was a bonus, and no punctures or mechanical problems. Did about 80 miles at the front of peloton using the tri-bars and having not done this distance for a while felt a bit sore, but nothing major.

Burned about 4,167 kcals
Averaged 145bpm heart rate, with a maximum of 172
Averaged 19.7mph
Average cadance was 90rpm
Drank 2.5L energy drink on the way round

Enjoyed the day.


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